Friday, 17 May 2013

Hey Guys

less than 10 hours to go! the big day is nearly here. Hope everybody is under control with classes.

For tomorrow please arrive in good time to get entries staged by 9 :30. Make sure you bring a pen with you to fill in entry cards. Do not forget membership cards, they are the most vital thing of the day. You will need them to buy tickets for the party.

Remember what was said at last nights meeting, if not see blog post previous to this one.

For the bus tomorrow night be on time to the pickup area so that we dont have to stop he party for us to all arrive.

Make sure you bring spare clothes.

Help each other out in the Blunham spirit and enjoy the best day and night of the calender.

All the best Henry

Here is the fruit punch that I have made. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hey guys

Last nights meeting went well, all that were there have got our new hoddies and they looks great. If you were  not at the meeting last night you need to arrange with Debbie where you are going to pick it up from. Also lat night we went through a few other things these include.

Filling in entry cards right

For cooking classes writing down the ingredients that you have used

Being on time to events to avoid being disqualified

Not hanging around near the float, before the fight - we dont want it ruined before it gets judged

Bring spare clothes as you may get wet in the main ring

Remember your costume for the float.

The drop of zone is busy so be prepared with entry's in a box ready to jump out and go.

On the float be happy and get into character, there are lots of points available for this and it would be a shame if we lost points in this section because the float has had a lot of time and effort put into it.

All the best


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Horsey Girls

Hey Guys

 Most of the things I have to mention today are to do with the rally.

First up its the horsey section, something I don't know much about, I will pass on the information that I know.

Dressage timings 

Annie 9 : 30 on Bertie 

Georgie 11:40 on Shaunlara Willow

Megan 12:10 on Maisie

If you want the full list of who's competing then I can email it to you. 

Jumping Classes:

65: 14.2 & under 9 to 9.30
66: Over 14.2 9.40 to 11
67: Chase-me-Charlie 14.2 & under 11.10 to 11.30
68: Chase-me-Charlie over 14.2 11.30

Dont understand any of what that means but hopefully you horsey girls do! 

The email I received with regards to the horses stressed that it is a very tight schedule and that you must be in the right place at the right time. 

I will end on a highly positive note - Blunahm now has 58 members on its books, this is fantastic. 

And for the first time since 1992 the county has over 400 members this is great as well. 

Thats all for tonight. 


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

4 sleeps to go

Hey guys

Only 4 more sleeps to go. Tonight I have been sieving some of my Grain samples ready for the rally day, which is fast approaching. I know that not everyone is doing Grain classes but Saturday will soon come round. remember that travelling from the Rally site takes a good 45 mins from Blunham, so it will be an early start for most of us. All entry's must be staged on time to avoid losing points, To find out the time your entry's must be staged for check out the link below.

If you have signed up for a class please make sure that you enter it, we lose loads of points if we don't show something that we have entered, and we get some points just for entering and then loads for winning.

Tonight I have received some rally information.

I will mention here the things that will effect most of us.

1. Parking, We will all have lots of entry's to stage, there is a drop of zone but your car can only be sat there for 10 mins otherwise we will get a bad name for our club. We can all help each other out and help get all of our entry's staged. Long stay car park is available after drop off.

2. Spare clothes - It is advised that you bring a spare pair of clothes with you, The main ring events involve water and in the flour and water fight it is bound to get mucky and wet.

3. Be on time to events, if you are late the event will just start without you, we will lose points and it will be a disaster. If you have lots to do then just pop in and let the steward know that you are doing lots of other classes at the same time. Also there emails are available on the link above.
That is all for tonight. make sure you can come on Thursday it will be very important meeting.

All the Best Henry

Monday, 13 May 2013

Hey guys

Today I have been on a school trip to Harry Potter studio's near London. I thought I would mention this because of the float.It was a great day out and the exhibits were the real ones used in the films. Over 4000 people have been involved in making the films, it was really good and I would recommend it to everyone.

This is the real size of Hogwarts, it was not much bigger in Height than Ollie, The tour showed you how technology has developed.

Back to YFC, as you all know it is a very busy week.

There is tug of war training on Wednesday night and this is probably your last practice

But the most important meeting of the week is Thursday at 7pm prompt at the Cricket club. If you cannot attend you need to let us know now because there is very important information and therefore it is vital that all are there. Please try and make it on time, it is only a short meeting and if people are 10 mins late it holds everyone up. It will only be a short meeting if we are all on time.

All the Best


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hey guys

Sorry for no blog yesterday, I was away on D of E in Rutland and we had phones taken away from us - don't know how I survived. The Weather was awful but we still did the 25km.

In a whole weeks time the Rally weekend will all be over, so this week is going to be very busy.

With regards to meetings this week the following meetings are happening.

Possible tug of war training on Wednesday - please see Facebook but the days might change this week. Keep aware of that.

On Thursday night the meeting is at the Cricket club from 7 - 8, It will be a short but important meeting. We will collect hoddies etc and go over important things for the day, please all try to attend and be prompt.

Things also need to be payed for, hoddies and rugby tops, please bring the money with you.

Thats all for tonight.


Friday, 10 May 2013

Hi guys

Unfortunately I am away on D of E this weekend so I will next blog on Sunday or Monday.

But on a more positive side things for the rally are coming on well.

Tomorrow there is cattle training at 10:30 and then you can go onto help put final touches to the float.

Sunday there is tug of war training at 3.

Please try and make it if you are involved in the relevant activity's.

You will all probably need a rally book priced at £5 - this is how members get into the rally, it is more expensive on the day so buy them now from the club.

Anymore seats for the coach - it is nearly full.

Hope costumes for the float are coming on well.

also can anyone help out with Elissa McNamara's lift to the rally.

Sorry that the blog today is a bit of this bit of that but hope you all have a good weekend.

All the best Henry

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